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Who are we?

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Who are we?

Jiangsu Carpe Diem anodic protection Acid coolers incorporate a number of important innovations which have resulted in longer service life in difficult applications. The technological improvements of the Jiangsu Carpe Diem Acid Coolers have been developed under the leadership of the Jiangsu Carpe Diem anticorrosion engineers, relying on them experience gained from the design and operation of acid coolers worldwide over the past 15 years.

Jiangsu Carpe Diem designs each cooler using normal plant operating duties and potential upset conditions with the help of its proprietary Acid Plant Flowsheeting Program. Jiangsu Carpe Diem is able to specify the process duties for any acid cooler in any acid plant service. Jiangsu Carpe Diem has developed a proprietary heat exchanger rating program that is used to achieve balanced designs that are thermally efficient and economical. The program is also used to model different operating scenarios if operating conditions fluctuate substantially The mechanical design of the coolers is performed in accordance with GB151 standards. All Jiangsu Carpe Diem Coolers are custom designed specifically for the application required. For Reform, each unit can be designed to match existing piping for direct replacement onto existing supports. The coolers are shell and tube, single segmental exchangers with multiple passes on the acid(shell) side and up to four passes on the water (tube) side.

The tubing, shell, tube sheets, baffles and tie-rods are constructed of stainless steel Water channels can be constructed either from stain less or carbon steel.

Jiangsu Carpe Diem Energy Co., Ltd. is an international chemical engineering company.
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